Tower scaffolding

Working from a height can be tricky, especially those hard to reach places or bad access. When dealing with repair or maintenance work health and safety is always first. When dealing with scaffolding L&C Roofing work closely with reliable and resourceful sub-contractors who provide a reasonably priced, safe scaffolding service.


Our scaffolding sub-contractor service is suitable for a wide range of circumstances catered to our own services we provide. With setting up a swift and clean process, the work can be carried out the same day avoiding any delays in the contract.


Whether your roof has become unsafe or suffered damage during stormy weather, or you require urgent scaffolding for large or small scale work, we are happy to help.

We can erect scaffolding towers to improve the safety and accessibility of the work being carried out, very ideal for hard to reach places and if you’re on a deadline as a cheaper alternative

We arrange the delivery of scaffolding suited to your specific needs or if you would prefer to let us take care of it give us a call today and speak to one of our members of staff to get more details.