Re bedding ridge tiles

Working at heights at the highest standard, L&C Roofing are a reputable company carrying out quality pitched roofing work on homes all around West Sussex and surrounding areas. 

Can you see sunlight coming through into your attic or loft space? Are you starting to see damp areas in your ceiling? It sounds like its time to give us a call. It could be a simple felt repair, to replacing a few tiles or even a whole new roof. We work in all aspects of roofing, so if your roof needs some attention then were here to help.

Our other services include:

- Pitched roof repairs and maintenance and inspections

- Tiling, slating and corrugated roofing

- Cement work, re-pointing/re-bedding, ridges, verges, walls, stairs, etc.

- Chimneys: re-pointing, Cowl installation, Flaunching, Chimney pots, dismantling, TV Ariel removal

Traditional pitched roofing is in constant demand all over the UK, constant repair and maintenance work is needed to protect your roof. L&C Roofing have taken charge against the English climate to offer kind friendly roofing services.

L&C Roofing. Keeping the UK warm and dry, one roof at a time.