Moss removal Roof cleaning

If your roof tiles are covered in moss and debris and needs removing we recommend you choose L&C Roofing with our moss removal and disposal service.  The climate in the UK can be quite humid and damp creating the perfect conditions for moss, algae and lichens to grow quite rapidly on your roof, leaving it can cause a number of problems you might not even know are occurring.


Moss can damage your guttering, causing it to get blocked, clogging up your downpipes and causing catastrophic damage to your waste pipes. When moss grows between your roof tiles this causes displacement, ensuring water ingress and exposing your battens and membrane to constant water. damaging your roofs structure causing your property to leak, the list goes on.

A clean roof is a solid roof. At L&C Roofing our process for moss removal is different to most, as we do not recommend jet washing our client’s roofs as a method of clearing the moss unless it is specifically requested. This is due to the mess caused by spraying and the fact that jet washing your roof tends to cause damage to tiles and the membrane.

Our process: we spray the roof with a high grade moss and weed terminator, professionally applied and disposed of.
We scrape the bulk of the moss from your roof one tile at a time using a wire brush and trowel. Ensuring we dig up all the roots and any debris hidden under the tiles, pushing all the debris coordinated down the roof and all bagged up on ground level. We do a full clean of your guttering and downpipes as well.