Flat roof installation sbs torch on felt

Are you in need of a professional roofer regarding your flat roof? Whether Is it leaking, just a quick repair, re-lay or installing a new roof on your home, we are here to help. Outhouse or business premises? Don't stress, L&C Roofing have you covered.

Here at L&C Roofing we take great pride in our work. Through our many years of experience and hard grafting L&C Roofing offer a wide range of flat roofing services to our customers such as:

Quick emergency repairs
Mineral Felt
GRP Fibreglass
EPDM single-ply membrane (Elastometric membranes)

Shed felt 


At L&C Roofing we use a variety of materials including high performance torch on felt systems and liquid roofing membranes.


L&C Roofing are fully trained and professional roofers. All of our flat roofs are installed with complete care and professional solutions.

We offer an emergency comprehensive flat roof repair service, with reasonably priced callout charges.

To find out more get in touch today.